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Average Cost of Varifocal Lens and Best Shape For Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal Glasses

How much do varifocal lenses cost on average?

Varifocals vary in price greatly. Varifocals can cost between 200 and 1,400 euros or more depending on whether they are purchased online or from an optician, whether the lenses are simple or high-quality, whether the frame is a till frame or a branded frame. Varifocals are usually not covered by health insurance companies.

If the computer glasses are not covered by the employer, as is the case with self-employed and freelancers, the costs of those glasses should also be included in this calculation, if they are not covered by the employer.

Because varifocals do not allow optimal viewing on the screen, additional computer glasses are required. The reason for this is that the average distance to a computer screen is around 80 cm and progressive lenses are not designed to accommodate this distance. A prescription is also required for sunglasses, which overstrain the eyes and can permanently damage them. It is also necessary to obtain new glasses if the vision changes further, which entails additional expenses.


Is varifocal eyewear more expensive?

In the case of near- and farsightedness, they are more expensive than single vision glasses, but they save you from needing two pairs of glasses.

Varifocal Glasses

How should varifocal glasses be shaped?

Varifocal lenses are best made on larger and thicker frames. Cat-eye and aviator glasses cut away portions of the lenses.

The bigger the eye size, the better the vision, since you will be able to see a wider field of view and get the most out of the lens area – although all of our frames, large and small, may be purchased with varifocal lenses.

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